Who We Are

The Cooper Family settled in Kamloops in 1967. Their chain of Cooper Grocery Stores were embraced by the people of Kamloops. The Family has continued to be blessed through residential and commercial development for well over 45 years. They thank the Kamloops people and are grateful to be able to pay it forward.

Our Vision

Community supporting Community – investing in the community to impact change through collaboration and partnerships.

Our Mission

To offer the community of Kamloops assistance in projects that are of benefit to the community at large, exceeding $100,000 per project.

Geographical Priorities

Kamloops and Region

Why Wings Above Kamloops?

The people of Kamloops have looked over and cared for the Cooper Family. The Cooper Family wishes to pay it forward. Ron Cooper Sr. and Ron Cooper Jr. were both blessed to live, laugh, play and pass away in the City of Kamloops. Many Angels gave them peace in their final days. Angels with Wings.

Why The Butterfly?

The magical monarch butterfly was chosen for its spiritual meaning and what it represents …. guardian angel, spirit, joy, freedom, love, hope, endurance and passion.

All-encompassing Ron Cooper Sr., Ron Cooper Jr. and the beautiful people of Kamloops.

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. When you think about the butterfly and its life cycle, it contains a great deal of spiritual meaning. Its metamorphosis; egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly, represents our own spiritual transformation. We start out as a simple being, learn to function in the world, experience constant change and seek our highest life purpose.

In many cultures, butterflies are considered angels; loved ones communicating, a symbol of resurrection, while others consider it to be the essence of a loved one’s passing.

Butterflies have short life spans, most live for only a week or two. The Monarch Butterfly can live up to 6-months. This serves as a reminder for us; life is fleeting and time moves quickly. Butterflies teach us to enjoy the present moment and to make the most of our existence here on earth. They also remind us that death is just another transformation … we will spread our wings and fly into another dimension.

In honour and appreciation of our lives, we celebrate, cherish and embrace every moment … there is no better way, than to help those who help others.